Season 3 26 full episodes Episode 26 – Remember Me 4 years ago CeCe wears ridiculously high heels in a fashion show and takes a dramatic tumble off the runway. Meanwhile, Rocky makes a deal with Logan. Episode 24 – Haunt It Up 4 years ago Rocky and CeCe decide it’s time to grow up and forego typical Halloween festivities by knitting and watching tear-jerking movies. But they soon have a revelation that they are missing out on all the fun. Episode 21 – My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up 4 years ago Rocky and CeCe decide to host a joint sweet 16 extravaganza, but their moms have different ideas for their party plans. Episode 18 – Psych It Up 5 years ago Cece believes a psychic’s revelation. Episode 15 – In the Bag it Up 5 years ago Rocky, CeCe and Tinka divide the cost of renting a designer purse, but the bag soon becomes problematic. Meanwhile, Deuce’s plans to win a bowling tournament with his dad are put in jeopardy by a mother-daughter team. Meanwhile, Georgia’s wedding is threatened.

Rocky Blue

However, in “Ty It Up”, she was kicked off the show because the new producer wanted fresh, new faces. She lives in an apartment with her family in the suite above her best friend, CeCe Jones, and her family. Her father is a doctor who later returned in the second season after being away on business trips and working overseas.

Contents [ show ] Personality Rocky is an extremely pretty girl, who is described as generous, funny, smart, friendly, and overachieving. She values learning and has a perfect attendance record. Unlike her red-headed best friend, CeCe, she values school and takes honors classes.

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True Love It Up

However, when they see that the women are no longer friends, Cece and Rocky fear that they will feel the same way later in their lives. Meanwhile, Deuce accidentally kills Flynn’s Goldfish, Mr. Goldenburg, and plans a proper funeral for Mr. Rocky lies and says that she is having both her appendix removed to avoid laser tag with the nerds. When the two are caught dancing salsa on Shake It Up, Chicago, CeCe is told by Coach Lessor that she has to attend summer school, and Rocky is unaccepted from the nerds’ social group.

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Shake It Up (TV series)

Although he is a very good dancer, he does not want to go try out for Shake It Up, Chicago! Instead, he aspires to be a rapper. He lives in an apartment in Chicago, Illinois with his family in the suite above the Jones family, for whom he babysits the youngest, Flynn Jones , often. His father is a doctor that returned in the second season after being away on business trips and working overseas.

Contents [ show ] Personality Ty is Rocky’s hip, sarcastic older brother who is popular at school, loves to dance, and knows how to charm the girls.

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Destiny, Flynn’s crush, is twice his age Ty: Little dude, you left out one tiny detail about Destiny. Didn’t I mention she’s blonde? She’s a gold finger. No, I don’t dig her. Commuting on a Bus: Kenton Duty who plays Gunther Hessenheffer has dropped down from main character status to recurring character status as of Season 3. There is a Written-In Absence in the season premiere as it is explained that Gunther has returned to his homeland to both care for his ailing grandmother and help squelch a revolution.

It is mentioned in exactly one episode that CeCe has dyslexia. It is never brought up again. Gunther and Tinka are extravagant twins who often wear matching outfits, but not the same ones e. Gunther’s will sport a ‘G’ and Tinka’s a ‘T’.

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Monday, February 27, Shake It Up Shake It Up season 2 is halfway, and was renewed for a episode 3rd season earlier this month, which begins filming in early April, and is expected to end by early January. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn try to teach Henry math, as he loses his memory, and is placed in the third grade with Flynn, and getting kicked out of college. March 11, Prod.

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She is the only daughter of Georgia Jones and J. Jones and the only older sister of Flynn Jones. She is best friends with Rocky Blue. She lives in Apartment 3B with her mother and her brother in the suite below the Blue family. Her parents are divorced and her father lives in Florida. Her dreams are to become a famous celebrity, and she wants Rocky to become famous too. She is described as a daring wild child who is uncontrollable, funky, and fun on her school’s blog Wild It Up.

She’s street-smart rather than book-smart, unlike her best friend Rocky.

Episode guide

Edit After watching CeCe’s spotlight dance on Shake It Up, Chicago, Gunther can no longer hide his feelings for her and decides to confess to her how he feels, but the next day at school but he overhears CeCe telling Rocky that she is interested in Daryl, a new student in her science class. Fearing that he may miss his chance, Gunther decides to tell her in a note he writes for her but before he can sneak it in her locker, he hears Daryl asking CeCe out, which upsets him. Later, he visits CeCe’s apartment and confides in Flynn, who tells him that CeCe is probably only going out with Daryl to make him jealous.

Hearing this, Gunther believes that the only way he can see if Flynn is telling the truth is to spy on CeCe’s date. Later, Gunther sneaks into the restaurant where CeCe is on her date with Daryl, but it isn’t long until CeCe starts getting suspicious, forcing Gunther to flee. The next day at school, Gunther overhears CeCe telling Rocky that she had fun with Daryl and that she wants to go out with him again, which makes him sad, then he remembers the note he put in her locker and decides to see if she has read it, but CeCe catches him out and gets mad.

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Shake It Up (season 3)

She loves dancing as much as her best friend, Rocky, and they dance together. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother and mother. Initially, she performs poorly in school partially because of dyslexia though this isn’t revealed until later , but also in part because of her “trouble-making” behavior and her lack of motivation. She gradually improves academically as the series progresses. Being fearless, Cece is constantly getting into trouble.

Despite her initially failing audition due to stage fright , she eventually earns a spot as a background dancer on the local dance show “Shake It Up Chicago”.

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It is written by Mixitup21 on fanfiction. Plot Summary Future fic. CeCe’s back in Chicago for a close friend’s wedding. As expected, she reconnected with a lot of the friends she’d left behind. But she didn’t expect this. Character Profiles CeCe Jones:

Shake It Up- Ty and Tinka