E-mail questions with answers by Chuck Hawks Gun values Q: Can you tell me what it is worth? Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately estimate the value of a gun without examining it. I would recommend that you look up the make and model of the gun you own in Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values. Fjestad’s includes a great many makes and models of guns, and rates them by condition. You should be able to find a copy in most gun shops and bookstores. Gun identification and history Q: I acquired an old gun, the serial number is It is impossible for me to tell you about your gun without examining it. And, in any case, not being a collector it is unlikely that I could help you very much.

Date of Manufacture for an Ithaca Model 37

I am confused about the shotgun’s serial number. I refinished the stock with BLO, it was nearly black with grime when I got it. Since it’s not, as near as I can tell, anything special by way of collectibility, I reckoned it wouldn’t hurt and I am happier with it.

 · The Ithaca Gun Company first produced a single-barrel trap gun in Their guns were based on the Emil Flues three piece lock design and known as the Flues Single-Barrel Trap up until when it was replaced with a New Improved Design (NID) created by Frank

This ISN’T real silver solder braze. If a soft solder is capable of holding this together, Hi-Force is it, since it’s holds at 38, psi. It’s to be used with Copper Bond flux. It melts around degrees or so, so as long as you keep the flux away from the finish, it won’t need a refinish. Grind up the solder into a powder and mix with the right flux Copper Bond.

The idea is to make your own ready-to-use paste solder, since Brownell’s doesn’t offer one made from this. Remove the finish from the tube and the area inside the receiver where it fits, leaving both areas slightly roughened. Assemble the parts, and hold in alignment with vises or support blocks. Remember, as soon as the solder flows, the parts will loosen up, and tend to “slump” or move out of alignment. Apply heat with a large torch, concentrating mostly on the receiver. The tube will get hot on it’s own.

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Today, Ithaca has returned to its glory days with the current management team, based in Ohio, operating the factory at maximum capacity to satisfy demand for the various Model 37 adaptations that include the Deerslayer, Featherlight, Trap Model, Turkey Slayer, Model 37 Waterfowl and the sweet 28 Gauge. Throughout its 75 years the Model 37 remained steadfast to its initial design by John Browning and John Pedersen, who originally retailed their lean gauge pump as the Remington Model The Model 17 was manufactured from through — selling approximately 73,

Welcome to my website on Lefever Arms. I’m Bob Noble and I discovered the beauty of Lefevers about 20 years ago. I’ve collected a number of other doubles

Merrill III February 15, at 4: Ice formed in receiver. Problem was made worse by taking them in and out of warm buildings. I liked the 97 the best. Renegade There are still s in inventory, though they are few and far between. Some of the armory guys are pretty protective of them. We always got the same pistol. They we ordered to switch production to Norden bomb sights. That messes up any gun. This is Arctic Stuff Cymond I had no idea they were out of production.

They are an interesting shotgun. Those shotguns could bring tears to your eyes.

Ithaca’s Model 37 slide-action shotgun.

The width of the frame is 1. Both the hammers pivot from the bottom. The distance on the standing breech between the centers of the firing pins is.

 · *Originally Compiled by The Ithaca Gun Co., October “a few variances in this data will be found” ** LeFever guns numbered under are

If you’re the High Bidder above, you’re the High Bidder in this auction. All Auctions are conducted in Pacific Standard Time. The bore is shiny and in very good condition. The barrel is blue steel with a gold colored trigger and the receiver is alloy with an etched game bird scene on each side of the receiver. The top and bottom of the receiver is gloss black with the sides having a sliver-grey color background with black engraving see photos.

There are some scratches in the gloss black on top of the receiver and a few scuff marks in the top left-side see photos. The gloss black is also scratched and starting to wear on the bottom corner of the receiver on the left-side. There are some light scratches in the sides of the receiver with one scratch that’s a bit heavier in the right-side at the rear, otherwise the etched game bird scenes are crisp and clear and overall the metal is in very good condition see photos.

The gun has a checkered Walnut forearm and stock both with their original finish. The forearm has a few dings, divots and some scratches, but still shows a nice gloss shine with good checkering and no cracks see photos. The stock has a few more handling marks with some small nicks and gouges in the sides and the grip cap and inlaid brass plate on the bottom of the stock are missing, but the stock has a nice woodgrain pattern and no cracks see photos.

Overall the gun is in very good condition mechanically and good in appearance.

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 · The Superposed shotgun was introduced to the U.S. market in and discontinued distribution in the U.S. in The Superposed is still available through Browning International’s Custom Shop.. To find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner’s ://

Then I’ve got to figure out how to post them. As for retiring it, that’s pretty much its status. After having it made safe, I test fired it for proper function, then didn’t fire it again. I intend to keep the sear and original hammer with the gun, but not installed. I just don’t like shootable guns that aren’t safe. Bear in mind that this gun was in continuous service for my dad from until he retired, so some minor parts were probably replaced by armorers over the years.

He specifically told me that he periodically had to turn it in for armorer service. The barrel shows the usual mild corrosion consistent with many rounds of corrosive ammo. The pistol has other marks on it, like the ordnance stamp behind the right grip panel, “P” on the top of slide and on frame left, near mag release , and Ithaca Gun Company on the left side of the slide.

I believe they’re all consistent with an early Ithaca. I did contact Ithaca Gun Company.

Ithaca Field Grade 20 Gauge – 95% CASE COLOR, NICE GUN!

Two top-shelf Ohio-based firearms manufacturers have partnered to bring collectors and shooters a fine reissue — I hesitate to call it a replica — of the vintage U. Army Ithaca M37 Trench Gun. The American martial tradition is no stranger to shotguns. Militiamen employed fowling pieces in battle during the Revolutionary War, and the Confederate Cavalry wielded sawed-off shotguns in the Civil War.


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The Ithaca Gun Company: The Best Gun Going: A Complete History of the Ithaca Model 37 and the Model 87 aims to provide the Ithaca collector and student sufficient information to identify any Model 37 that might be encountered, the various configurations it assumed, and the date of its manufacture.

 · Hello, I am a new member on this forum and am looking for some help with an old Ithaca flues 12 guage double that I have. I might sell it, but probably really want comments on it’s condition and present retail ?t=

The beauty of using these brass shell casings is their reloadability and the ability to customize your load. We used black powder for the shell propellent to make sure we didnt damage this old gun probably over years old. Black powder is messy but great. You get this throaty kaboom and big white smoke cloud that you dont get with smokeless powder.

This is a thrill that has to be experienced to be appreciated its great!! However, the real, practical reason to use black powder is that it is a low pressure propellent and will not damage the gun when used in reasonable quantities. You can also use black powder substitutes like Pyrodex or Triple 7; although it aint nearly as much fun to shoot. The big problem with black powder is the unusual cleanup of the shotgun and cleaning of the cases.

I use a mixture of windex without ammonia and drugstore hydrogen peroxide what you buy in the drugstore — cheap and water The ratio is equal parts of windex, hydrogen peroxide, and water.


History[ edit ] The Ithaca 37 is based on a patent by the famous firearms designer John Browning , initially marketed as the Remington Model The Model 17 was a gauge of trim proportions, which Remington later redesigned and refined into the popular side-ejecting Remington Model The Model 31 would eventually be replaced in production by the Remington which was less expensive to manufacture.


The serial number will tell the story and should be on the action flats as well as the barrel lug and inside the forend iron. Pull the forend off of the barrels and open the action and allow the barrels to rotate down and off of the action. The ser should be visible on the action and other parts. The Crass was made from approx. Ser range 94, to , Ser ‘s are approx depending on which source you look at.

Both models made in Hammer and Hammerless versions while in production The Lewis model has the distinction of a 10, gun order from the American Tobacco Co back then. It came at a good time as Ithaca was barely staying afloat. I don’t know if the guns were hammerless, hammer or a combination of both in that order. Hammer guns are usually roll marked in the banner on the side ‘New Ithaca gun’ Yours looks to be in very nice condition.

The barrels show a lot of damascus finish and being damascus steel as opposed to the less expensive stub twist or laminated steel available, it would have cost a bit more to purchase. The butt plate is original to the model and complete from what I can see. They are usually cracked, broken or missing or worn smooth in the very least. Case colors remain on the action. The barrels look very heavy at the breech.

Ithaca Classic Double Barrel 12 Gauge Coach Gun