Victoria Justice on Nickelodeon Victoria Justice was born in the small town of Hollywood, Florida, moving to Hollywood, California when she was 10, in That year she was in multiple commercials, and had a minor role in Gilmore Girls. Though the show was the most expensive to produce of any Nickelodeon show it was shot completely on-location in Malibu and debuted strong, reception outside of its target audience was mixed. The show eventually ran for four seasons, earning her the semi-eponymous spin-off Victorious. When Do We Eat? While filming the second season of Victorious, Justice appeared in several thrillers, including a cameo in Unknown, her first theatrical performance.

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Director Jen Heyes Legendary Beatles manager Brian Epstein reflects on success, sexuality and self-loathing in this fictionalized stage drama. But this low-key stage drama approaches the subject with more intelligence and nuance than most, probing the complex soul of legendary pop manager Brian Epstein, who became a global superstar by discovering the Fab Four, only to be destroyed by his own brittle and tormented nature.

The Man Who Made the Beatles comes to its limited London run after premiering in Liverpool in at a refurbished theater named after its subject. That said, writer Andrew Sherlock’s play balances admirably serious intent with obvious appeal for the huge market of fans and tourists who keep the lucrative Beatlemania industry alive. Returning home with a strapping young Liverpool lad Will Finlason who caught his eye in a local bar, the famously gay manager Andrew Lancel clearly has sexual intentions.

But his visitor, who simply calls himself This Boy one of several allusions to Beatles lyrics scattered throughout the text has another agenda.

Many fanbases on TV have their own nicknames. Some are generated by themselves, some from observers and some from detractors. A subtrope of Fan Nickname, but not to be confused with it. See also Estrogen Brigade and Testosterone Brigade. Otaku, in the western sense which only refers to .

Beck tried for this, but Jade wasn’t in the mood. Probably for the best, seeing how there was a guy with a camera in the backseat. Sky Store specializes in these types of products such as a fake snow machine that shoots snow that’s toxic when ingested, a face for a tree, and floating underwear Awesome McCoolname: The lead actress’s real name, Victoria Justice, is probably the coolest sounding of all of them.

Bad News in a Good Way: Robbie and Cat get the idea to help their schoolmates pass on bad news in song in the episode, “Tori and Jade’s Playdate. It’s surprising that it hasn’t been used more often. Probably because they’re traumatized from getting trapped in it. Tori shows a significant amount of midriff in multiple episodes, which is quite rare for a protagonist, especially in a show centered for younger viewers.

Cat and Jade make Tori look hideous in “Freak the Freak Out” as they knew Haley and Tara would pick the least attractive person to sing. Tori then shows that she is not only a good singer but also not even unattractive. Jade and Tori to Beck’s Archie. Beware the Nice Ones: In “Freak The Freak Out”, Cat is actually the one to declare that if Hayley and Tara lose against Louise Tori in disguise in a round of karaoke by vote of the audience, they would have to ‘babysit’ Trina, who was drugged up from her wisdom tooth removal and fought off anyone who’d try to tame her.

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We weren’t passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends. The duo, who worked on the movie Changeland, seemed to be double dating with Seth Green and wife Clare Grant. Though Bella claimed the duo weren’t ever dating, drama still went down between them and Bella’s ex, Tyler Posey. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 6. Both starred in the comedy-drama The Year of Spectacular Men earlier this year.

The Gujarati people or Gujaratis (Gujarati: ગુજરાતી) are an ethnic group traditionally from Gujarat that speak Gujarati, an Indo-Aryan tis are very prominent in industry and key figures played a historic role in the introduction of the doctrine of Swaraj and the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Gujarati people are descended from Aryan nomads who.

The shameful conduct begins at 1: I’m sure his reputation will go down the tubes if this gets circulated Riz might have to start cleaning up his own social media accounts, the way his girlfriend tried cleaning up her sex party photos. Tho, I don’t think many outside his Muslim fan base would care about Riz’s sexist rap songs. Americans would not care, look at the trashy illiterate vulgarian they elected as president.

I forgot where I read it, awhile ago, a Muslim female fan asked if Riz had sex before marriage, she was serious, she went on a bit about it being wrong. Her head would explode if she knew he was living with a white woman who is not Muslim. Think her post was at his Twitter or FB. Of course, Riz didn’t respond. In fact, these days, Riz rarely responds to fan posts.

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Subdivided into “Watsonians” and “Doylists” , depending on whether they maintain the affectation that the characters and stories are real or not. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy fans call each other “hoopy froods,” from the in-universe term for someone who always knows where his towel is , and is therefore a really together i. Horatio Hornblower fans have no overall nickname, but fans of Archie Kennedy call themselves “Crumpeteers,” based on the Fan Nickname for him. Lemmings of Discord Sword of Truth Hatedom , coined in one of the more creative insults they’ve received.

Phans The Phantom of the Opera Honor Harrington has the convention-related nickname of “Berets” for the distinctive headgear worn by members of the fan club. Harry Potter has Potterheads.

ariana grande boyfriend pictures gallery. After Ariana and Graham called it quits, she began dating a Victorious backup dancer named Jordan two often worked together on set and eventually began a relationship in late

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After all, the Hunger Games actor debunked these rumors himself today on Instagram, so we know the power couple is still going strong. Made their red carpet debut as a couple Several months after Miley called Liam her BFF, fans learned what they suspected all along, which was that they were definitely more than just friends. The couple made their first public appearance at an Oscars event in March , and they also walked The Last Song red carpet together.

Only a few months after that, though, it seemed that things were even more serious than we ever suspected. We told you it was serious! They had their first breakup By summer , people were shipping Miley and Liam HARD, which is why it was super disappointing when the couple split for what would be the first time in August of that year.

Victorious is a teen musical sitcom created by Dan Schneider, which aired on Nickelodeon from – The star of the show is Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), who gets into Hollywood Arts (a school for the arts in Hollywood) after filling in for her less-talented sister Trina (Daniella Monet) during a big g her up throughout the experience is André Harris (Leon Thomas III), a.

They see him looking at them through the window, Jo suggest that it could be family problems, Lacey jokes that he could be going through puberty, Danny finally comes out of the house with a red jump rope. Jo and Lacey ask if he’s okay and why he was inside for so long, he tells them he didn’t have a choice and to not hate him.

The girls look at each other with worried faces before Lacey runs into the house to see what Danny meant. Later that morning, Lacey speaks publicly on the news about the past and how she wouldn’t let that “Socio” Danny near their school if it was her choice. Regina shows Lacey that her nickname for Danny, “Socio”, is trending on twitter. Lacey says maybe it’ll show Danny to stay away from her, and Regina and Sarita both tell her they got her back. In school, Lacey’s boyfriend Archie tells her, he can’t believe that the “Socio” is coming to there school and suggests that he transfer once he gets no one wants him around.

Lacey sees Jo as Archie heads to class, Sarita and Regina make fun of Jo’s look and asks Lacey what she and Jo talked about when they were friends. Lacey clearly remembers but tells them she doesn’t.

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Favorite Joined , id: This fic actually got me into writing on this site, but sadly the turnout for it has been almost nill. This fic was written just cause I was bored, and other than the prophecy I really had no where in mind to go with this story. Should anyone want to take it up, feel free to do so, just let me know so I can read what you came up with. Rise of The Magi:

She started acting at a young age, debuting in North , then later got attention for roles in The Horse Whisperer and Ghost World. She has developed a close working relationship with Woody Allen , appearing in major roles in three of his films. Scarlett also has a music career goin’ on. She first gained attention from indie kids for appearing onstage during the first concert of a reunited The Jesus and Mary Chain to sing backing vocals on “Just Like Honey.

She also appears on the compilation album Unexpected Dreams: She was set to make her feature directing bow in with an adaptation of Truman Capote’s Summer Crossing as with the aforementioned short, she also scripted , but production was delayed see the next paragraph for the most likely reason. She was married to Ryan Reynolds between and , and in November , began dating French advertising executive Romain Dauriac. In March of , Johansson filed for divorce from Duriac in New York where she primarily resides , as well as seeking custody of their daughter.

A few weeks later, the live-action remake of the anime Ghost in the Shell starring Johansson was released, a project that had long been in Development Hell and received harsh ‘white-washing’ criticism during its production for her casting. She appeared once again as Black Widow in Avengers:

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