I knew the J was for me so I quickly sold off the L The thing had been played and played and needed a neck reset but it felt so good. When I got word of this one for sale I was ecstatic. They were lightly built cheapies that were made out of whatever they had around at the time. They all feature Adirondack Spruce tops and Mahogany back and sides. This advertisement is kind of interesting. The 00 is on the lower left and just beside the body of the guitar is a short paragraph about how they are using 14 fret necks for more comfort and fret board access. You may have noticed that none of the guitars picture have 14 fret necks. This is typical of Gibson I guess, sigh. This particular L has a bit of a story attached to it.

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All models made during WW2. The post-war logo has the “G” and the “N” with a tail that drops below the other letters. Dot on “i” connected to “G”: Dot on “i” free from “G”:

DATING GIBSON GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS. Some lap steels and Les Paul’s from have such a serial number. Another exception to the above rules is in the autumn from , where a some Les Paul Juniors and Specials had a four-digit serial number. Gibson serial numbers, from February until

But, with more than 75 years of shipping records in the Gibson books, and dozens of variations on numerical schemes used over the years, serial numbers sometimes do little to shed light on the origin of a mysterious Gibson. With vintage Gibsons selling at auction for as much as half a million dollars, Davidson will sometimes roll up his sleeves and poke around in the ledgers, but only as time allows. The earliest volumes contain hundreds of yellowed pages covered front and back with rows of handwritten numbers.

It can take Davidson several hours to locate a specific serial number, if he can find it at all. Even then, there may be four other guitars—of all different models—with the same number sequence. Serial numbers can pull up multiple guitars from multiple years. To combat the problem, the company upped its serial number sequence last year from eight digits to nine.

For the most part, it looks real. But there are some obvious indicators—if it starts with a five, for instance. Or it might be an eight-digit serial number that indicates it was built on the th day of the year.

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The Custom is the guitar he is generally associated with. Gibson has also produced two Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior models one double cutaway, and one single cutaway as well as a very limited run of signature acoustic guitars. Since his death, Gibson has discontinued all Chet Atkins models and Gretsch has resumed the manufacturing and distribution of the Chet Atkins line.

Beck’s fascination with the guitar sprang as much from his interest in Les Paul , the man, as from his love of the guitar itself.

How to Date a Gibson Using Serial Numbers, FONs and Logos. Published Sep 23, by Cole Makuch. Dating a Gibson by Factory Order Number (FON) Les Paul Custom. Starting in , ‘Made in USA’ was stamped on the headstock below the serial number.

Finally the perfect Les Paul Over the years Gibson has tried so many different things on LP’s but they finally built the perfect one for me and probably for you too. Let me run it down: Read complete review Over the years Gibson has tried so many different things on LP’s but they finally built the perfect one for me and probably for you too.

The reason LP’s always had killer sustain is the thick mahogany body has tons of resonance. IMO the best neck they’ve ever made. Thin and very fast. BB3 can cover glassy cleans through thrash metal. The 57 classic is so smooth and produces really thick smooth creamy distortion. One of my faves is toggle switch in middle position, neck pup with knob pulled, bridge pup knob normal.

I use that to play Lenny and it’s as sweet and glassy as the finest strat.

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Where the reissued 60s Standard had two cream-covered single-coil P90s, the Deluxe came equipped with two cream-surrounded mini-humbuckers. Structurally they were the same though: The Gibson Les Paul Deluxe went on to become one of Gibson’s most successful models, with over 35 thousand guitars shipped in the s alone see Les Paul Deluxe shipping statistics.

These pickups had never been used on Gibson instruments before they differed from the mini-humbuckers used on the Firebird in that they had pole pieces , but they had been used on very many Epiphone models Crestwood Custom , Crestwood Deluxe , Sheraton , Wilshire , Riviera , Emperor , Broadway. In late production of all Epiphone instruments moved from the Gibson Kalamazoo factory to Japan.

Was the introduction of these pickups more about using up left over stock one of the few hardware items not used on a Gibson equivalent model than a deliberate hardware choice?

Right: Kluson Deluxe “tulip” tuners on a Les Paul. Note this is the “single ring, single line” variety used from to Note this is the “single ring, single line” variety used from to

Four decades of guitars from Czechoslovakia. When I wrote my original article about Eastern European guitars [Guitars of the Cold War, Vintage Guitar Magazine, January ], I was still in the process of researching the roots of these instruments. In the first two installments, I had focused on Russia almost exclusively, though I did mention Jolana guitars briefly. Since then, a lot of new information has come to light, enough to dedicate this third installment of “Guitars Of The Cold War” exclusively to guitars built in Czechoslovakia.

This is their story. The Czech Republic has a rich musical instrument building heritage. The Bohemia region is renowned for string instrument manufacture. Some of the world’s best violins and cellos come from this part of the world. Amati of Kraslice has been in the instrument-manufacturing business for over years. The company is one of the world’s largest brass and woodwind manufacturers and is known especially for the quality of their saxophones.

There were over fifty different companies producing musical instruments in Czechoslovakia before World War II. Czechoslovakia’s biggest contribution to American guitar building was of course made by John Dopyera. Dopyera and his family emigrated from Slovakia in and settled in Los Angeles.

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This guitar has a nice weight at well under 9 lbs: The neck has a comfortable 59 profile: This was used as a reference color guitar over the years, and has never left the Memphis factory since until now.

Jun 05,  · Hi Guys, I was recently able to buy back my first guitar that I foolishly sold in It is a cherry sunburst early 70’s Les Paul Deluxe serial number with Made in USA on the back.

This guitar is a proper guitar, no chambered body or poor quality laminated fret boards that we have seen Gibson use on some recent models. This finish has now starting to age nicely giving it that classic vintage vibe. The neck of the Special Anniversary Limited Edition is also made of mahogany, which Gibson selected for this model. The neck is slender and tapered and is made identically to the dimensions of original Les Paul Deluxe. This fits easily in the hand and for me is immensely playable.

The neck has white binding and is a plays as fast as lightning with virtually no fret wear. The guitar is made from selected mahogany ans so is light, weighing just 9. On the rear of the headstock Gibson has put the limited edition decal on the rear. The tuning pegs are chrome Kluson with the green peg ends. The pickups are 2 amazing sounding Gibson mini humbuckers which are made to the original specification. They have the power of old a PAF but a lot more clarity and sparkle. These make this guitar hugely versatile as it can provide crunchy power cords to jangle Brit pop.

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This is an era that most “experts” think is notorious for designing, manufacturing and selling bad Gibson guitars. Was it made in to the early s? Do you know how to read the serial number? If you are not sure, let me know or click here: All picked up for a song.

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If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader, download it here. Corrections and additions to this section will be made as necessary. This should be an 8 digit number that can be dated by the 1st and 2nd digits as follows: Prior to when the Kalamazoo, MI factory was closed, the numbers indicated Kalamazoo production. Ranking numbers continued to indicate Nashville production through Ranking numbers for Bozeman start each day at and the electrics may start as low as the s.

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Posted 11 February – That’s interesting you bring up the horn shape and the headstock shape. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but the Deluxe model and a buttload of others were made at two different factories- both Kalimazoo and Nashville.

Offers les paul, along with sg custom shop ebay for gibson web-site on ebay for the gibson humbucker in my wifes is as well. Many others make a gibson les paul guitars have been built. Like an element of the sixties les paul differs widely between collectibility.

In fact, it was likely that your parents were steering you in the direction of accordion lessons. The Beatles — and of course others — stopped all that. Suddenly, electric guitars were 1 on every kids Christmas list. Companies that had been manufacturing Accordions for 20 years, retooled for electric guitars. EKO was at the forefront, and within 2 years they were shipping over 10, electric guitars to USA per year. Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Rickenbacker… these were all too expensive for our parents to buy for us.

Hence, the foreign guitar manufacturers gave us what we wanted. Tip of the iceberg! A nifty Fender Musicmaker. I took it to the local luthier and asked him to refinish it, to remove the awful sticker. The Airline Guitars were sold through Montgomery Ward. They are fun to fix up and fun to play. Domino made one of the better quality reproduction guitars in the late sixties.

The Spartan pickguard was autographed by Edwyn Collins.

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